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Have your beloved Subie repaired by an expert Bozeman Subaru mechanic

Your Subie is special – not generic

Why use a general car mechanic? It's not that they can't service it. It's that a Subaru deserves a specialized Subaru mechanic who will get the job done faster, better, and for less money.

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Local Bozeman Subaru repair you can trust

Hire a pro

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Have your Subaru fixed by a professionally trained Bozeman Subaru technician who knows and loves Subarus.

Save money

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Don't waste time or money with a general mechanic making attempts to repair a car they know nothing about.

Save time

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We are proud of our average 1-day downtime for Subaru repairs in Bozeman.

We love Subarus and our customers love us!

Over 120, 5-star reviews from satisfied customers

An estimated 20% in savings over Subaru dealers
and general mechanics

Averaging same-day dropoff and repair for 6 years

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It's as easy as 1, 2, 3


Call to schedule your appointment

This helps us identify an issue with your Subaru and plan accordingly with the amount of time it will take to repair it promptly.


Drop off your Subaru

This gives us a chance to meet you, and verify exactly what the issue is with your vehicle, so we can have it repaired correctly.


Pick up your Subaru in record time

Now you can get back to exploring Bozeman's beauty in the ride you love.

Experience the Holler Auto difference

The typical family in Bozeman and surrounding areas own one Subaru on average. However, most local automotive shops don't specialize in Subaru repair. At our specialized Subaru repair shop in Bozeman, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Holler Auto Subaru Repair in Bozeman values you and your time. We strive to love and serve customers by providing excellent repairs on Subaru vehicles so customers can save money and time and get back to doing the things they love.

If you're wondering if a specialty auto repair shop equates to increased cost, think again. A specialty Subaru repair shop will repair your vehicle right the first time, instead of having to guess at the issue. Conversely, a general auto mechanic will end up causing you more money and more downtime from your vehicle.

Most car owners are concerned that they will be ripped off from a local mechanic. Holler Auto Subaru Repair in Bozeman is founded on honesty and integrity so that you don't have to worry about your car receiving more work done than needed. Now your pocketbook can stay focused on the things you want to do. Holler Auto has intentionally focused on word-of-mouth advertising since its founding. Although a slower method of advertising, we believe satisfied customers spread the word about a mechanic they can finally trust. Read our 120+ 5-star reviews!

Now, if you're concerned that Bozeman's best Subaru repair shop has too long of a list of cars ahead of yours or that your downtime at the shop will be too great, think again.Holler Auto Subaru Repair has proven its scheduling and availability to ensure the least amount of downtime as possible. We schedule per issue and availability so that we can get your car in as soon as possible and have it fixed as quickly as possible.

How to Maintain a Subaru and Keep It Running Strong For Years

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